Are you a Wellness Advocate with a Gallup Strengths Report?

Start using it!
You know the problem. 

You want to be successful at sharing and selling oils but you have this belief that "I have to be like so-and-so to be successful..."


"I have to be a certain way to rank advance."

You know what? I say, "Bullcrap!" 

You, my friend, are INFINITELY UNIQUE. 

And when you believe that you can be successful just by being yourself at a higher level, you will find the success you so desperately crave. 

You can understand your strengths report, love your strengths, love who you are and then UNLEASH them on your business with more confidence. 


If you are committed to being mediocre in life then this is not for you.

I'm here to tell every Wellness Advocate that you can love on who you are AND have the success you want in life just by applying your STRENGTHS to your business, your relationships and to your belief in yourself. 


If you have a Gallup 34 Strengths Report, you know what your top 10 and bottom 5 Strengths are. 

More than likely you have no idea how to use it

You have no idea that it holds the keys to help you do life, business, relationships and more YOUR WAY. 


Why You Are Awesome

Learn how your Strengths Report proves that you are INFINITELY UNIQUE and CANNOT BE DUPLICATED 

Strengths Proclamation

Understand the primary DESIRE of each domain and how you need to do EVERYTHING in a way that honors your dominant desires.

Strengths DNA

Learn about the Strengths DNA as well as the Bottom Strengths DNA and how you can clarify your intentions by understanding your strengths. 

Target Practice

Learn how goals are NOT promises, they are TARGETS and you have unlimited arrows in your quiver to practice! Start shooting! 


Learn why you get held up, why you hesitate and learn how to love on yourself in everything you do. 


For $15 you get access to a membership site where all the audio files are located, plus the option to upgrade and receive more content. 



You got a Strengths Report...Now UNLEASH YOUR STRENGTHS



For the cost of going out to eat,  you can learn at your pace and review the content over and over again until you've learned how amazingly unique you really are and how you are the PERFECT FIT for anything you want to do.

Learn to live life within your TOP strengths and let go of your BOTTOM strengths. Stop trying to be someone you're not. Your bottom strengths bring you down and decrease your enthusiasm.



Begin the process of Unleashing Your Strengths on all parts of your life, including your relationships, your career, your job, your business, your marriage and your belief in yourself!

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Strengths Assessment ONLY

Get your Full 34 Strengths Report from Gallup and interpret the rest on your own. Click here to purchase your report for $49.00. 

Unleash Your Strengths

Understand your Strengths Report for just $15 more. 
Most people who got their Strengths Report didn't know what to do with it until they spoke to me. 

Yes, that's a humble brag, but I have a gift to share with the world and it's time for every person to learn how to Unleash their Strengths. 

With your Gallup Strengths Report and with just a small $15.00 investment you will be on the road to success without stumbling over strategies, tactics, and approaches that have served other people, but are completely INAUTHENTIC to who you are. 

It's time to LOVE ON WHO YOU ARE so you can show up as the best person you can be and be the best Wellness Advocate you HOPE to be. 
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